Co. exists to help businesses and consumers transition from environmentally damaging single-use items, so that we can build an exciting and sustainable future.

Helping Society transition from single-use items

Australians send over 1 billion disposable coffee cups to landfill each year.

Unfortunately, this is just the start of our problems, with millions of other single use items being produced and thrown away every day…

It didn’t use to be this way either, earlier generations consumed goods and services very differently to us – resources were valued and most items were re-used over and over.

We now live in a disposable society. 

This is a problem as these single-use items such as coffee cups and food containers take a lot of energy and resources to make, they travel a long way to get to us, and when disposed of they either pollute our environment and hurt our wildlife, or they end up in landfill where they contribute to global warming.

This complex supply chain operates to produce that are typically only used for a few minutes before being discarded. 

Although we can’t change the past, we need to be building towards a better future.

Re-use is significantly lower impact on the environment, taking  a fraction of the energy and resources compared to a disposable – but currently they are not as convenient. 

We believe that doing the right thing and protecting our environment shouldn’t be made so hard.

It should be easy, and it should be simple.

It's about you.

We know that you want an exciting and sustainable future too.

Many committed individuals and businesses have taken it upon themselves to avoid single-use items through the Bring-Your-Own (BYO) movement, often putting up with far less convenience as a result.

However many more of us are ready to make an impact but need some additional help and convenience to do so – Co. exists to help realise this impact by helping make re-usable attractive and available on-demand.

If this sounds like you, we would love to serve you – and together our collective actions can help build an exciting and sustainable future.

Our team

Not so long ago, our team at Co. were fairly typical consumers – we consumed without thought and awareness of the impacts our actions were having on our environment and the world at large.

Upon learning about the true impact, we sought to avoid single use in favour of re-usable items, but we became frustrated by the hassle of taking BYO containers around and the trade-off of convenience  they created.

With others facing the same frustrations – we strongly felt that there should be solutions that are sustainable, attractive and convenient. Now we spend our energy finding ways to help others transition from single-use items by developing solutions that make re-use attractive and available on-demand. 

Alex Harmer


Alex drives direction for Co. Cups, and also runs Ruzi ( which provides re-usable items for event organisers and vendors. 

Jeremy Webster

Technology Lead

Jeremy leads a team of talented developers that build the Co. Cups application and drives the technology direction of the company. 

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