Serve Bamboo Re-Usable Co. Cups from your  Cafe, for free

Drive loyalty + Attract Customers

Your customers want single-use alternatives, Co. helps you give it to them, build loyalty and get exposure to attract new customers.

Integrates with your workflow

Zero point of sale tech/clutter, Co. Cups Integrates into your current Cafe workflow seamlessly.

Help the environment + Save Money

Save single-use cups + save money whilst doing it. Co. Cups is completely free for Cafe's to use.

You shouldn't have to choose between growing your business or damaging the environment.

Customers want alternatives to single use. BYO cups interfere with workflows + introduce hygiene risks.

Now you have a better choice

How Co. Cups Works


Our team will provide Co. Cups + help you launch. You never pay us anything, ever.

2 - Serve CO. CUPS

When a customer orders + shows app confirmation on their smartphone, serve them in a Co. Cup, however suits your current workflow.

3 - Customer Returns

Customers return using provided Cafe code. Simply wash when convenient and stock for re-use. Our team help manage stock to make sure you never run out or have too many cups on-hand. Our app takes care of returns - you never have to worry about it.

Designed for your Cafe

attractive + Functional

Co. Cups are beautiful and functional. Customers love the bamboo and the cups compliment your brand with their striking design and style. No cheap looking coloured plastic here.

Designed for hygiene + Durabality

Stain resistant interiors + a unique curved interior base make Co. Cups incredibly easy to clean. The bamboo interior is also naturally sterile which prevents odours from building. Simply put Co. Cups in your dishwasher.

Simple sizing

Co. Cups are a 12oz size that is suitable for small, medium and large coffee orders. Due to the tapered design, small coffees served in Co. Cups still feel balanced and satisfying for customers.

Highly sustainable resource

Bamboo is the most sustainable crop in the world, it absorbs more than 5 times more CO2 and produce 35% more oxygen than similar tree plantations.

Cost to your Cafe

  • Our team provide cups, help train staff and get you up and running with Co. Cups
  • Full ongoing support and resupply of cups is provided, no lock in agreements

Coffee Drinker?

Serve Co. Cups at your Cafe

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